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Marble Surface

Off The Line

Getting involved with a soccer player on my team is a strict no-go. But I met the team’s new star player two years ago, during one of the worst periods of my life, and he knows my secret.


My encounter with Lucas Wolfe was humiliating, not just because I had my first ever one night stand with one of his friends, I told him everything about why I was in London.  Why not?  I’d never see him again.


Then he’s loaned to the team where I just started my career as a Sports Physio, and my embarrassment around him quickly turns to something else.  He’s hot as hell, charming, flirty and looks at me like he wants to devour me.  And the feeling is mutual.  But he’s hiding a secret too, one I will do anything to help him with, including stepping over a line I should never cross. 


When that line blurs from casual to real feelings, I’m in big trouble, because the consequences of being found out… will cost me everything.

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