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Please Note - There are some spoilers for Sky Full of Stars and Touch in the Dark in this interview

Chris: Hi all, I’m here with Grammy award winning, multi-platinum album selling, and one of the world’s biggest and most successful rock bands right now, BreakNeck.  Welcome to Aidan, Nick, Archer and Jordan.

Jordan: Don’t forget hot

Aidan: Thanks for having us

Nick: Good to be here

Archer:  Hey all

Chris: Thank you guys for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here with us today.  First of all, I’m a huge fan and am thrilled to be here talking to you.  We’ve taken some questions from our readers, so hope you don’t mind answering for them?

Aidan: Of course

Chris: Okay, first up, can you tell us what got you into music?

Aidan:  It’s always been a huge part of my life, these guys too.  I mean, back when we were kids it was all about music videos and record stores.  Phones weren’t the way they are now, no music streaming sites.  I was never really into video games or sports.  I spent a lot of time just listening to and wanting to play music

Archer: Yeah, we’d hang out and listen to music, talk big about how we could do better, then realised we needed to know how to play instruments to do that.

Nick: And be able to sing.  That’s when we realised Aidan had the voice of an angel [laughs]

Jordan: Before it broke into the gravelly panty melting voice you all know and love now, he sang like a thirteen-year-old girl.

Aidan: I’ll own that.

Nick: Music ran in my family.  Dating back a while there was always someone with an instrument in their hands.

Jordan: I also like smacking things with sticks, drove my parents mad, but hey, they gave me the pans and wooden spoons.

Chris:  What inspired you to make music?

Aidan:  I’d say my biggest influence was our music teacher in middle school

Archer: Yeah, our music teacher.  It was like School of Rock with Jack Black.  He lived and breathed music.

Jordan: Wish we could have done a school rock band talent show…

Nick:  My grandfather was a big influence on me – he was in a band when he was younger.  He never made it big, but he had a small following, and he played the bass too.  My Warwick was his.  You guys ever wonder where Mr Renshaw is now?

Aidan: He’s still at the school, shout out to Mr Renshaw by the way.  He totally helped shape BreakNeck.

Jordan: I also loved the band from the Muppets

Archer: You loved the Muppets? [laughs]

Jordan:  Animal!  Come on.  He inspired me

Chris: How would you describe the music you typically make?

Jordan: Rock baby!

Aidan:  We wanted to try and be unique and original, but at the beginning, I think we tried to emulate our idols too much.  We really only got our sound on the second album.

Nick:  We were a little heavier at the start, but we figured it out, it’s that balance between rock and metal.

Jordan: Without the secondary screaming vocals.  I could totally do that, but they won’t let me

Nick: You are an amazing drummer

Jordan: Is that your way of saying I’m a shit singer?

Archer:  Sorry, swearing is his love language.  But our writing got better on the second album.  Aidan and I write all the lyrics, Nick and Jordan help out with the music, laying down the beat and bringing everything together.

ChrisNo need to apologise, I’m fairly sure all of our readers are fluent in that language too, Jordan!  So, what is your creative process like?

Aidan:  I need to be in a quiet space, no interruptions.  Just my guitar, a notepad and a huge mug of coffee.  I just strum the guitar until a melody comes to me.  I’ve had a lot of inspiration lately too [grins]

Archer:  Yeah, there is no set way we work.  Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the music.  If we are all together, we toss ideas around or someone suggests something they’d like to get lyrics down about.

Nick: We tend to leave that side of things to them because it’s where they excel, but yeah, we make suggestions about the concept of songs.

Jordan:  Or we say something stupid, like think of the weirdest sh… I mean stuff, and then challenge Aid and Arch to write a song that can be mainstream, but still about that taboo thing.  Kind of like Easter eggs for the fans, something to figure out.

Aidan:  I think you can figure out which song [laughs] and who’s idea it was to write about that particular… past time.

Nick:  That was funny.  I’m surprised they managed to write a song that could be played on the radio – without people realising what it was an ode to.

Jordan:  Hey we’re all good at that.  At least, I am… and some expert advice is our duty.  It was a public service.  Obviously, we’ll focus on the male anatomy next [winks]

Archer: No, we won’t.  Once was enough.

Chris: I think every fan is more than aware which song you’re referring to and which part of the female anatomy.  Pretty sure there was a baby boom soon after that song released [everyone laughs].  So, who would you most like to collaborate with?

Jordan: Any 80’s cock rock band.  I would love to have long beautiful hair and rock out in spandex

Archer: You already do that, apart from the hair.

Nick: Yeah, the mankini wasn’t something to be proud of.

Jordan: Everyone loved seeing my ass.

Aidan: You’re an ass.  He’s not wrong though.  We’ve recently become friends with someone who has the biggest 70’s and 80’s rock vinyl collection I have personally ever seen.

Nick: We were all like kids in a candy store when we saw that

Archer: I mean, if we’re talking more recent bands and not 80’s hair bands, I guess for me it would be I Prevail, they’re making some amazing music right now.

Jordan:  Red Alert is a great one too.

Nick: Not that you have a vested interest in them or anything [winks]

Jordan: They’re a good band too

Nick: They’re an amazing band.

Aidan: I’ve actually been spending some time working with other artists.  Most recently I’m writing for Zosia.  We’re possibly going to be recording a couple of songs together.  She’s breaking away from the pop music she is known for, going in a new direction to showcase a more mature sound.

Archer: Zosia is great.  Powerful voice and she is a good lyricist too.  They’re writing some amazing stuff.

Chris: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

Jordan: Guns n’ Roses, original line up.  I grew up with their music.  Steven Adler was my idol.  If I ever get married, I want it to be just like the November Rain video.

Nick: You do realise the bride died?

Jordan:  Well, okay not that part but the rest of it.

Archer:  You want me to be rocking out topless outside the church?

Jordan: Absolutely, Archer-man.  That sounds like the ultimate dream to me.

Aidan: You’d have to find someone who wants to marry you first.

Nick: You’ve told us your whole life you’re not getting married.

Jordan: To have that wedding, I could be convinced.

Aidan: But to answer the question, The Ramones for me.

Archer:  Metallica man, they’re legendary.

Nick: I’m gonna say Queens of the Stone Age

ChrisAll great bands.  What is a message you would most like to give your fans?

Aidan: Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for all the support over the years.  For loving our music and sticking with us even though we’ve changed and grown.

Nick: We’d be nothing without the fans.  And I gotta say, I’m sure other artists feel the same about their fans, but the BreakNeck fans are some of the best in the world.

Archer:  Totally.  There’ve been some hairy moments.  Fans can sometimes get carried away.  We absolutely love meeting and talking to fans, but it can get a little wild at times when you’re surrounded.

Jordan: We had a fan vault a table at a meet and greet and try to give Archer some loving.  That was wild.

Nick:  It’s not something we deal with a lot for the most part, but that side of things does happen occasionally.

Jordan:  I love the fans.

Aidan: Sometimes too much [laughs]

Jordan: You know it baby. I love getting fan mail and we’re sent some pretty bizarre stuff.  We have the best fan club too.  The whole situation with Find the Warwick was just insane, man.  Without the fans, we probably would not have got the bass back for Nicky.

Archer:  That was pretty cool actually.  They never gave up looking for it.

Chris: I love that the fans found your guitar after it was stolen.  Okay, this one is an interesting one.  What is the most useless talent you have?

Nick: Er… okay, yeah this is pretty boring, but also practical.  I can fold a fitted sheet so well that it looks indiscernible from a folded flat sheet.  Yeah [laughs] definitely useless.

Chris: But also, something not a lot of people can do.

Nick: Don’t try to make me feel better [laughs]

Jordan: I can pick stuff up with my toes.

Archer: Yes, he can do that – its disconcerting.

Aidan: Especially when he tries to pass them to you.

Jordan:  I can play the drums with my feet too.

Nick:  That’s when you actually do sound like Animal from the Muppets.

Archer:  All of my talents are perfectly useful [everyone calls him names]

Aidan: I can snap my fingers really loud.  Sounds like a gunshot.  It scares the crap out of people [demonstrates]

Chris: Whoa, that was loud!

Jordan:  We can hear that on stage.  Even with the roaring crowd.  Fact.

Chris: Some extremely useless talents there.  Do you sing in the shower?  If so, what songs?

Aidan:  Not really, no.

Archer [side eyes Aidan] Way to be interesting dude.  I do some good thinking in the shower, not necessarily singing but it’s peaceful and I come up with lyrics, I keep a notepad in the bathroom.

Jordan:  I’m usually too busy doing something else in the shower [winks]

Nick: You had to go there

Jordan: I have no idea what you’re referring to Nicky.  I’m talking about washing my hair

Nick:  Honestly, I don’t know if I do or not.  But it’d be some kind of pop – that’s the kind of tune you sing to in the shower.

Chris: What would you be doing right now if it weren’t for your music career?

Aidan:  I genuinely can’t think of anything else I would want to be other than a musician.  If I couldn’t play or sing, I’d be a roadie or work at a music label maybe.  Once we started the band, it was like everything else fell away.  I did okay in school, but I never wanted to go to college.

Nick: I’d love to be a pilot, airplane, helicopter, I’m not picky.  Like Aid, music is in my blood, one way or another, I would have been playing.  Even if it was amateur, in a cover band or something.

Jordan: Stand-up comedian, I’d rock the hell out of that.

Archer: People laugh at you, not with you.

Jordan: That’s the point of a comedian though, right?

Archer: Suppose.  I wanted to be a long-distance truck driver when I was a kid.  My uncle did it and he was always super happy, he got to see the country.  I’ve always wanted to travel so that would have been a good alternative for me.

Jordan: I think metal work would be a good one for me, like making iron railings and shit, oops, sorry.  I like to hit things but be creative at the same time.

Chris: What is the most trouble you’ve gotten into?

[everyone points to Jordan and laughs]

Jordan: What?

Archer:  Breaking his arm while showing off on a skateboard, a week before we headed out on a European tour, is a good example of trouble.

Aidan: Nothing we could do would ever compare to the things he has got up to over the last decade.

Nick:  I don’t know, Aidan, remember when you stole that top shelf magazine and your dad found it?

Archer: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.  That was an eye opener for all of us at age eleven [laughs].  Didn't your dad say he was taking it back, then kept it?

Aidan:  Found it about eight years later hidden away.  Sorry dad!

Jordan: Good one Mr Gass.  So, there was that time in high school when we all got four weeks of Saturday detention, remember?

Nick:  Oh, I forgot about that.  I don’t think we should talk about that here though.

Jordan: Ah, come on.

Archer: No, we can’t.  Trust us, it’s not that interesting but it was also very stupid, and I don’t think it’s something we need or want to talk about.

Chris: Sounds like an interesting story.  Okay, so what is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Aidan: Feel the music, always feel it.  It’s gotta come from the heart.  Another one from Mr Renshaw right there.

Nick:  Do it for yourself, but you can still make your family proud.  They have all supported us over the years, bolstered us up, cheered us on and told us not to give up on our dreams.

Archer:  Be authentic.  Don’t sell out.  I think we’ve been lucky we’ve always managed to do both of those things.

Jordan: Always wear wrist sweat bands.  Last thing you need is your sticks flying out of your hand in the middle of a drum solo.

Chris: What is next for BreakNeck? What can the fans expect?

Aidan:  This is going to be our last interview for a short while. We’re about to take a break.  But we’ll be back.

Archer:  It’s just a short break to clear our heads and come back refreshed and ready to rock the world again.

Nick: Yeah, we’re getting old

Jordan: Speak for yourself.  I’m the kind of guy who can’t sit still.

Nick: You don’t say.

Jordan: I can take a few days to chill, party a little maybe but I’m gonna be collabing with Red Alert, working with them for a short while.

Nick: Small announcement here, but there will be a world tour starting in summer, so watch this space, more information will follow on that.

Aidan: And there is a new album in the pipeline, so we’re not kicking back and forgetting all about the music and our fans.  We want to be able to give everyone the best of ourselves.  Creatively we’re stronger than ever but we’ve been physically working flat out for years, and it felt like this was the right time to take a break.

Jordan: Although if the rumours are true, you’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more of Nicky

Nick: That is top secret.

Archer: He’s like Tom Holland, he can’t be trusted with a secret.

Chris: We’ll look forward to hearing about that.  So, the big question and the one the fans want to know the most.  No surprises here, but are you guys single?

Jordan:  Ah man, you had to ask that!  Sorry ladies, I hate to break it to you, but I’m a taken man.  It used to be that I thought variety was the spice of life.

Aidan: [snorts] Yeah, I’m sure everyone knew about that.

Jordan: I do not know what you are insinuating, sir.  But that is in the past.  My heart belongs to one woman only.

Nick:  I’m not saying anything. 

Jordan: Cop out. 

Nick: [slaps Jordan’s head]

Jordan: Okay, okay, man…  Do you see what I deal with?

Archer: I guess we’re all getting older.  It’s expected that we will meet someone and settle down.  These guys are there, but I’m in no rush.  Personally, I’m still very much available.

Aidan:  You know our lives are pretty busy but when you meet the one, you just know.

Chris: That is sweet.  I think everyone knows you’re well and truly off the market, Aidan.  Congratulations on the engagement.

Aidan:  Thanks, I guess there is no hiding my relationship status.

Archer: Not when you announce it to eleven thousand people

Nick: There is that.

Jordan:  Jenna is one of us now.  She’s family.

ChrisOkay, thank you guys for taking the time to sit down with me today and answering the fan’s questions.  You heard it here first guys, after a short break there will be a brand-new album and a World Tour in the summer.  Oh and an interesting announcement from Nick Chambers too.  Thanks again guys, it’s been fun.

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