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The Devil's Chaos Motorcycle Club

Devil's Desire

How do you choose between true love and the thing you have wanted your whole life? 

Hudson Kelley has always wanted to be a part of the Devil’s Chaos Motorcycle Club, but there is one thing he wants more and it could ruin his chances …

Waverley Curtis, is his best friend’s twin sister. He couldn’t pinpoint when it actually happened, but he looked at her differently, saw the woman she was becoming and can’t fight how she steals his heart. But she hates the club, despite being the daughter of the President.

Will Hudson have to choose between his girl or taking his place in the MC he has always dreamed about joining? Can Waverley allow her heart to be taken by the boy she grew up with, while despising and wanting to get away from everything the Motorcycle Club stands for?  

Can love be enough?  Or will forces outside of their control make the decision for them?

The Devil's Chaos Motorcycle Club

Devil's Chaos

When Waverley Curtis ran away from her old life in the Devil’s Chaos Motorcycle Club, heartbroken and abandoned by the only family she had, she was determined to make a new life.  All she wanted was to be as far removed from the criminal motorcycle gang as she could.


Hudson Kelley never got over losing Waverley but the sting of her betrayal had taken hold and twisted everything inside of him.


When a rival MC begins a campaign of war against them, Waverley’s life is threatened and her family demand she returns.  Forced back into the life she left behind and having to face Hudson again, it is clear she never got over him and even as she fights it, being around the Devil’s Chaos again feels like home.


Despite trying to stay away from her, the barbed wire around Hudson’s heart slowly begins to unravel.  But when the threats reach a fatal level, and secrets from the past surface, Hudson knows he has to do whatever he can to protect the woman he still loves.


Can he keep her safe from what is coming for her, or is he destined to lose her all over again, this time permanently…

The Devil's Chaos Motorcycle Club

Devil's Daughter

‘They’d already messed with the wrong MC but when they took her, their fate was sealed’

Betrayed by one of their own, leaving a brother fighting for his life and Waverley gone, Hudson will stop at nothing to find her, even if he has to disobey his President and tear the rival MC apart. 

History is finally catching up with the Devil’s Chaos and Waverley is faced with someone she never expected to return into her life.  They say there are two sides to every story and everything she is learning contradicts what she thought she knew about her family, and who she can and can’t trust.


Finding an unlikely ally, and back with the man she has fallen in love with, Hudson and Waverley must find a way to finish this.

‘Even if it means destroying family to get to the truth’

The Devil's Chaos Motorcycle Club

Devil's Kiss

Devil's Kiss is an extended epilogue to the Devil's Chaos Motorcycle Club Duet.  There is a small catch up with Hudson and Waverley, one year after the events of the duet, checking in on how they're doing. 


This short story is also a lead-in to the upcoming Devil's Chaos books that will be coming soon.

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