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Pastel Swirl

Some Background on This Series

I started to write this series back in 2019 when I first tried out being a writer.  I had always been a fan of mystery/thriller novels which was how I was influenced to write these books.  Since I re-booted my author career, I am focusing on writing in the Contemporary Romance genre.  However, this series is still very close to my heart.  Book 2 is currently complete but needs a lot of work to get it ready for publication.  I aim to work on it over the next year so that it too can be published.  If thriller/mysteries are your thing, then please feel free to try Book 1 of the Alexis Morgan Detective Agency.

Alexis Morgan Detective Agency - Book 1

It only takes one simple mistake to destroy an entire family…

It was supposed to be easy money, a straightforward missing person’s case that could be wrapped up in a few days. When Alexis Morgan's fledgling PI firm is tasked with finding Faye Connelly by a friend and sometime co-worker, it starts off just like that. But the more questions she asks, the more confusing the case becomes.

She is drawn deeper into the lies, intrigue and dangers surrounding the missing woman, until her own personal safety is threatened. Along with Joanna Macy, the missing person’s detective assigned to the case, Alexis has to figure out exactly what Faye Connelly is hiding? Who is the mystery man she has been meeting and seemingly afraid of? And what does it have to do with an unsolved, high profile and shocking murder in the affluent Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco six months earlier?

Can they find Faye? Can they stop a twisted sociopath on a path of death and destruction?

Or will the promise Alexis made at the start of this case end more than just the reputation of her agency?

Alexis Morgan Detective Agency - Book 2

Book 2 will be coming in either 2024 or 2025.  The Alexis Morgan Detective Agency books are standalones.  Each book can be read individually

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