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Hills at Dusk

Rockstar Romance 


“Falling for a rockstar was never part of my plan, but everything changed when Jude Smallwood walked into my campsite.”


After announcing rock band ‘Reckless Soul’ are cancelling all their summer shows, Jude, the troubled lead singer of the band, needs to escape the chaos. Broken, confused, and running from his life in the spotlight, he appears at the door to my RV and instantly disrupts my carefully planned annual road trip.


Despite his fame and troubled past, there’s an undeniable connection between us. He convinces me to let him join me, and together we journey through the stunning landscapes of the mid-west.


As the miles pass, our bond deepens. Jude rediscovers who he is and what it’s like to be normal again. But the solitude and peace are threatened by his complicated band issues, and something we never knew was following us.


Jude is determined to protect me, and I must decide if I’m willing to face the risks alongside him. Despite the obstacles, and fighting against the belief it’s happening too fast, I know this is real.


“Sometimes, the most reckless thing you can do is follow your heart.”

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