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Pink Cotton Sheets

BreakNeck Rockstar Romance - Book 1

Sky Full of Stars

"With her love life in a mess, the handsome stranger who rescues her isn’t supposed to be more than a chance encounter."

Jenna never expected to be saved from a messed up situation with her ‘now ex’, by one of the hottest strangers she’s ever seen. Barely spending thirty minutes in his presence, he makes an impression. And he steals her phone number.

She’s determined not to develop feelings for a man who only did her a favor, but the more they text, the more she longs to know everything about him. But he’s cagey, always travelling and there’s no way falling for him could end in anything but more heartbreak…

He’s known the world over as Aidan Gass, lead singer of the rock band BreakNeck. His real name is Adam, and when he meets Jenna, for the first time in his life, a beautiful woman doesn’t recognize him, or ask for anything from him. The only way he can have her is via their texts, Adam can’t bring the chaos that is his life into hers. He definitely shouldn’t meet her in person…

The longer they chat, the more he knows it’s not just simple attraction. He can’t give up on what he wants.

“And what he wants, is Jenna's heart, no matter the consequences.”

BreakNeck Rockstar Romance - Spinoff Novella

Standing Still


“Tragedy drove her away from our hometown.  And tragedy is bringing her back.”

Elle George is a New York Times bestselling author, and the woman I lost sixteen years ago when she could no longer stand to be in this town.

She took my heart, but only because I told her to leave, that we would never work and would both be better off if she just followed her dreams and left everything behind. I never thought she’d do it.  I never thought she’d fly so far she forgot all about me.  But she did and I did what I could to move on and build a life for myself. 

Now she’s coming back because her estranged father; my friend and boss, is gone and his estate has to be settled. Despite his death, Elle’s father set plans in motion that would draw us back together.  Plans neither of us could have anticipated would change our lives, force us to face what we lost all those years ago.

But we’re not the same people and what is being asked of us might just end up destroying everything I have built here, while she gets to walk back to her new life.

“All I need to do is convince her to stay… To take a chance on Mystic.  And me.”

Standing Still is a dual POV, steamy novella with no cheating, no cliff hangers, and a happily ever after (HEA). This novella is a spin-off character from the BreakNeck Rockstar Romance series.  It can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read Sky Full of Stars first, as there is a part of the epilogue of this Novella, that could be considered a spoiler for that book. 

BreakNeck Rockstar Romance - Book 2

Touch in the Dark

“Rock stars break your heart, it’s tried and tested. To give in and let yourself fall, twice, is the stupidest idea anyone could ever have. Right?”

A year ago, Nick Chambers, the bass player from legendary rock band, BreakNeck, broke my heart. I let it happen, I knew going in it would come eventually, but it didn’t stop me falling for him. It did stop me being able to move on, and that one is on me. I’ve got to get my life back, and in the words of my best friend, I’ve got to get under someone else.

Easier said than done.

Now he’s back in my sphere, with his cool as ice blue eyes and his unbuttoned shirts that drive me to distraction. He wants me back and he’s playing hard ball. When we’re pushed together by circumstance, staying away from him is harder than ever. He’s wearing me down and my stupid heart is struggling to fight back.

When his world is shattered unexpectedly, I can’t stop myself from being there for him. Seeing his heartbreak and fears come to life breaks me and against my friends advice, I’m putting everything on the line. Again. I can’t give in. At the very least, I can’t make it easy for him.

“The trouble is, he’s willing to go to any lengths for a second chance and whether I like it or not… Nick Chambers is coming for my heart.” 

BreakNeck Rockstar Romance - Book 3

The Sounds of Her

"Diving headfirst into a fake relationship to keep everyone off their backs seems like the perfect plan."


Archer Harris is everything a rockstar should be. Gorgeous, enigmatic and an amazingly talented musician. He’s also the last bachelor of the world-famous rock band, BreakNeck. It suits him fine, until the press become relentless about his single status.


He has no intention of getting into a relationship, especially after the last experience with a woman literally tore out his heart, leaving him damaged, betrayed and hiding a secret from everyone he knows.


Then Brooke shows up at the paradise island for their best friend’s wedding and it’s clear she needs a quick fix to a problem she is running from. Her parents plan to save themselves by ruining her life.


On the surface, it’s easy to convince the world they’re falling in love. But what about when they’re alone? While on BreakNeck’s world tour they’re sharing hotel rooms, confessing their pasts and learning each other’s secrets. Not to mention the hot make-out sessions for the cameras.


"How long can they keep up this charade, before it starts to feel less like a performance, and more like they’re no longer pretending…"

BreakNeck Rockstar Romance - Spinoff Novella

Fight For Forever

"Megan Cooper’s traumatic past has left her fearful and struggling to trust. Wanting to take her life back, and to protect herself, she asks an MMA champion to train her to fight."


There is something about the attractive and charismatic fighter that sets her at ease, despite his profession. After he does her a selfless and lifesaving favour, she begins to see a different man to the one people perceive him to be.


Joey ‘The Slayer’ Ferguson isn’t just another fighter. He’s a man with a heart as big as his dream to be the best fighter he can. He was attracted to Megan from the moment he met her. When she asks him to train her so she will never be vulnerable again, how can he say no? The more he gets to know her, the more he sees beyond Megan’s scars to the strength inside of her.


Joey wants to help Megan see the fearless and incredible woman he knows her to be. Will her trauma and fears get the better of her, or can Megan find the courage to believe him?


"And can she risk her heart for a real chance at forever?"


This novella is a steamy, contemporary romance spin-off from the BreakNeck Rockstar Series. Joey and Megan are secondary characters that feature throughout the books. This is their love story, with some BreakNeck character cameo appearances. There is a content warning for the book available on my website. However, these events all occur off page.

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