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About The Author

Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly is the author of Contemporary Romance Novels that may be angsty at times but always have a happy ever after.  She was born in Liverpool, UK and has lived there for the majority of her life (with a brief stint living in the countryside, which never took - she is a City girl at heart).  Her first attempt at writing was an essay piece for an English test at High School.  Never believing it was anything more than a bit of schoolwork, she was thrilled when her teacher informed her it was one of the best short stories he'd read in a while and encouraged her to grow and keep writing.

Unfortunately, she didn't take the advice to foster her creative side and ended up attending college following an administrative route.  Throughout her career Chris has worked in a variety of different offices in different roles, but is currently a Project Coordinator at her local hospital.  Writing was always in her makeup though and after moving to the countryside and taking a year out, she wrote her first full length novel.  After submitting to numerous agents, as this was the done thing back in the early 2000's, she got one request for a full manuscript!  It didn't pan out though and it was back to the drawing board.  She is a voracious reader and adores Kindle Unlimited.  While reading a random book titled Dirty Letters by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, she realised romance books are actually pretty good and was inspired to pick up the laptop and start writing again.  She also learned all about the amazing self publishing/indie author phenomenon and it suddenly became that much easier to actually get a book published.  From there, Devil's Chaos came to be and her first full romance novel was published in November 2022.  Since then, the BreakNeck series has been published and this has proven to be the most popular of her work.  The BreakNeck boys hold a special place in her heart.

Today, she still lives in Liverpool, with her son Finn, and their new 'menace' and 'torment' kittens, Ash and Archie. She can't wait to see where this journey goes and will continue to create her worlds and send them out for everyone else to enjoy as long as she is able!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on Red Alert book 2. This is Dylan's book, he's younger brother to Nash from Electric Touch. More information on this book will be released in my newsletter. If you're not already signed up, click here to subscribe. Bonus, you'll also get a free prequel novella from my Devil's Chaos universe.

What is your next project?

Following on straight after Dylan's book, is book 4 of the BreakNeck series. Yes, it's finally Jordan's turn. This book is a crossover with Red Alert, so is technically book 3 of the Red Alert series too.

Will your books be available in paperback/Audio?

Good news! The BreakNeck books are now available in paperback, including the two novellas. And Electric Touch and Off The Line are also now available. You can find them all on Amazon.


I would love to have all of my books made into audio. Unfortunately its not doable for me just yet, but I hope to get it arranged in the future.

Do you have any new series planned?

The Red Alert series is going to be 6 books (5 full length and 1 BreakNeck crossover novella). 


The Blackhawk Ink series will start with book one this year about the owner of the shop. There will be 4 books in this series, one for each of the guys who work there. 


There are a further 3 books planned for the Devil's Chaos MC series. The first one will be Cassie's story, she is the daughter of the current Enforcer and lawyer to the Devil's Chaos MC. The second one will be War, the Vice President's story. More info will come on the third book in the new year.


There are some characters who have appeared in the Red Alert books that I'm planning on giving their own series. And I have another book that will include a crossover of a BreakNeck and a Red Alert side character. This will be a standalone and my first full length novel venturing into the MM genre (male/male).   

It's a weird place inside my head. I have way too many characters in there. I'll get them all out eventually! 

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